I Have Dreamed of This Location for Years

Growing up only living less than 20 minutes from Windsor,  I would pass these cliffside rocks often. Every time I have driven by, I would just be in awe of its beauty. Many people couldn’t care less about them but to me, it was the most beautiful scene. 

I’ve dreamed of photographing at this location for years, ever since I started my business, but had no idea how to get there, if it was private property, or if it was even accessible. 

I remember driving home from a session at sunset - I drove past the location, the sun was setting, the most perfect golden hour glow. I started tearing up while driving by. There’s just something about it to me & I can’t even explain it.  

After seeing another photographer post an engagement session she did with the rocks in background, I couldn’t help but reach out and ask how she got there. She got the details for me & I was overjoyed that I could maybe photograph a session there. Well, on Friday afternoon I drove down to the location and I was just even more blown away. I ran and skipped freely through the path that had been created and just took it all in. I had the biggest smile on my face. 

So, this is probably the most meaningful session I’ve ever done. Not to mention, this is one of my closest friends and her boyfriend, Adam! How amazing is it that they booked this session near the time of me finding this location. Jesus is good! 

I will cherish this session forever. I even get emotional looking at these photos. You may think I’m crazy but I’m sure we all have that place that means a lot to us. To me, it’s free, pure, and peaceful. I place for reflection and rest. 

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to shoot here and that you use this place to signify your faithfulness to me. All glory to Him. 

From now on, this will be a location on my list that I offer! I hope you all like it just as much as I do.